About Managing Director

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Mr Rishikesh Kashyap is one such strong man, faith made him strong, born into fisherman community in 1975, he often found himself 6-10 feet under the water braving snakes and other forces of nature looking for makhana seeds. From searching makhana to presenting papers at National and International 5th water Asia seminar he has come a long way traveled many a miles, have brought smiles to thousands of people.

He was raised by ponds and fishes as they say, he ate, played, slept and also saw how the fishermen community is getting exploited by Fish mafia and corrupt societies everything happened for him around ponds of Darbhanga. Nevertheless the lone child of family was supported by his teacher father, who inspired him to fight for the community. By the age of 20 not only he excelled in studies but also started organizing meetings, seminars, workshops, dharnas, protests and mobilizing the community to come together. And when the Graduation in Industrial fish and fisheries was introduced in his hometown college he was the first to enroll for the courses. While perusing the studies he was also chairman of Fisherman Fisheries Co-operative Society, Darbhanga. Many would have had second thought about running the co-operative and studying was a tough task, not for him. He passed with first class, and by the time he got his second graduation thousands of people were looking for him to show the way.

He continued his tirade against corrupt practices and the division among the community, he wanted the community to get organize and fight for its right. His continued selfless effort started paying rich dividends and the fishermen community started smiling. State Government Principal Secretary Fisheries Shri. Amitav Verma saw him as the person who could really understand the problems of the community and decided to sent him to one of the most prestigious institutes of world CIFE, Mumbai to further study and get some experience. This was a boon for him and he came across people like Dr Dilip Kumar and Dr V.R.P Sinha these people not only guided and inspired him but also gave him the exposure and the wealth of experience. He traveled all over India and studied the functioning model of all the major Fisherman Fisheries Co-operative societies/Federations. He took positives from all the models like Fish by product marketing from West Bengal (BENFISH) free health insurance from Kerala Co-Operative model and insurance for fisherman from Madhya Pradesh, Fisheries Act from Assam and incorporated them in Bihar co-operative model.

His hobbies are extension of education for rural employment and generating employment from fisheries co-operatives, he aims to turn the floods in Bihar to a boon. Given that he refused seven digit salary packages from foreign firms, and choose to work with co-operatives this strong fisherman will bring smiles to millions of this hardworking backward communities faces.