We work towards a better life for fisherman community, we believe in changing lives one of the shining examples towards this is woman empowerment, yes we did helped a fisher woman stand on her feet and do look into the eyes of the world and say yes, I have got trained at Kakinada, I can take care of my family by fish cultivation, yes COFFED has helped me stand on my feet.

We don’t see achievements as a way to boast ourselves, for us achievements reminds us we have attended only few things and we have a long way to go. Our main achievements since inception in 1951 are:

  • Formation of new fishermen self supporting society
  • Starting up fisheries co-operative movement
  • We got the status of agriculture for fisheries, which helped fishermen get all the privileges like relief schemes, insurance, loan and other benefits enjoyed by a farmer.
  • Adoption of Inland Fisheries society as a Subsidiary organization of COFFED for over all development of fishermen community.
  • Launching of Janshree Bima Yojna insurance scheme and covering more than 64,000 fishermen according to the scheme.
  • Providing fishermen credit card to the number of co-operative societies.
  • Providing insurance coverage of rupees 1,00,000 to the members of co-operative society.
  • Starting up educational cell COFFED Gurukul for the free education of poor fisherman kids.
  • Implementation of Bihar Jalkar Parbandhan Adhinium 2006 (Bihar Act 13,2006)
  • Govt. notification on and announcement of fisherman day on 10th July.
  • Training of more than 800 fishermen at Kakinada.
  • Distribution of medicine and feed supplement to the fishermen on subsidized rate.
  • Survey of ponds and tanks.
  • Seven year settlement of Ponds and Jalkars in place of three.
  • Appointed 240 Bimamitra for the implementation of insurance policies.
  • Publication of annual reports.
  • More than 225 fisheries co-operatives affiliated with the COFFED since its formation.
  • Supply of live fish on experimental basis at Patna.
  • Announcing the jobs under technical cell for the progressive and modern approach to fish farming.
  • Compilation of all the data, records, communiqué regarding fisheries, available under RTI.
  • We got COFFED affiliated to NAF (National Association of Fisherman) and FISHCOPFED, New Delhi.
  • We got micro-insurance agency from LIC & OIC

Long term demands

  • Establishment of Technical and Promotional Cell in COFFED under NCDC scheme.
  • Appointment of COFFED representatives in every Fish Farmer Development Agency.
  • Raising the insurance amount from one lakh to five lakh rupees.
  • Honoring the fishermen of the state for their contribution towards growth of fisheries, on 10 July the Fisheries day in following form: Matasya Kishan Shri award one lakh, Matasya Kishan Bhushan two lakhs, Matasya Kisan Ratna with five lakhs.
  • A separate building on the lines of Haj Bhawan at Patna.

Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you.- Blaise Pascal,(French Mathematician, Philosopher and Physicist, 1623-1662)